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Ici, Here.

In advance of the broken Earth, 

In advance of my broken heart.

This series of 35 photographs presents the reclamation of industrial and port wastelands at the heart of the « Deux Rives » concerted development zone (ZAC) project in Strasbourg, France, with the transformation of the former historic headquarters of the distribution cooperative « Coop Alsace » into a new district connecting the city with Kehl in Germany again.


Here, ​​183 acres, in which 60,000 m² purchased by the City, sold to shareholders are being rehabilitated. In addition, new buildings are being constructed with housing units, offices, artists workshops and gardens.

On Saturday, 15 January 2022, in the still of the post-industrial zone, Here I am, stuck in an ambivalent relationship. This winter wonderland scenery is due to a rare phenomenon ; Industrial snow, induced by pollution. The impact of human activity on the ecosystem turns out to be as dark as bright. How safe is it to live near industrial structures ? The delicate cohabitation whose issues have been largely hidden are emerging.


It breaks my heart, as I work and live here, but bringing tertiary activities, wide dissemination of residents and industries together was a reality in the 19th century. What a chimera does it seem today !

Ici, view of the Installation

« Here» ; a video installation.


The reality that this body of work convey’s sadden’s me to the point that I do not wish to make these pictures tangible.This corpus should remain in a state of particles in suspended light.


In my setting, the key image of the series is projected onto a frosted wall.

The other 34 images, are projected on a black aluminum snow shovel with a navy blue handle, placed on an artificial snow bank placed on the ground ;

an object so natural in a winter wonderland.

An artificial snow machine is provided in the installation area.

Like men who causes industrial snow in a local area through the pollution he has caused, the viewer is invited to act. It will be up to him to induce artificial snow in the scenery.

Participating in the creation of an ephemeral snowy setting is certainly “magical”, but at the same time, the viewer might perhaps become aware of the action of men on the ecosystem.


This installation plays with representations.

We can see a tribute to Marcel Duchamp “In Advance of the Broken Arm”, 1915-1964 which is nonetheless a shovel hanged in the Museum of Fine Arts of Canada in Ottawa.

For me, my dark shovel, is a vision that we could call  “In Advance of the Broken Earth, In Advance of my Broken Heart”…

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